Increase your margin

Is being the best you can be all that?

I’ve started taking Shawn Blanc’s The Elements of Focus course, which is free, and as I see it a gentle introduction to the more comprehensive (and paid) The Focus Course - I want to gauge whether the latter would be something I’d benefit from.

At first sight it very much appears like it is - the free course started on early December, and despite having signed up back then, I only just got to it. Clearly my life could use some more focus.


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Fuck goals Archive link

Embrace your Purple Wedge

Elizabeth Naramore has no fucks to give:

Do you want to know what I consider a long, pointless grind? Already having everything figured out, and then mindlessly crossing things off the list. Focusing so much that I miss the wonderful world around me. “Organizing my time and resources” to achieve things because I’m supposed to be achieving them. Following a road map, so that I can be good at things I’m supposed to be good at.

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A new beginning

Fail better

So the other day I bought a new domain name, and decided to start playing with a new static site generator. Yes, Summer is here - time to wake up from the slumber and make something new.

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Out of touch

Marco Arment for ad blockers

It’s completely reasonable for today’s web readers to be so fed up that they disable all ads, or even all Javascript. Web developers and standards bodies couldn’t be more out of touch with this issue, racing ahead to give browsers and Javascript even more capabilities without adequately addressing the fundamental problems that will drive many people to disable huge chunks of their browser’s functionality.